Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A call to action

I set up my Gay Married Californian blog because I suspected (as many did) the outcome we just saw: Prop8 upheld, and the 18,000 marriages "grandfathered in". I want to use G-M-C as a way to bring the 18,000 together, because we are the most important ambassadors for gay marriage in the state. We need to get it on the ballot in 2010, and then we need to win, against an onslaught of hate from conservative churches and out of state interests.

Both Equality California and the grassroots Courage Campaign are getting "boots on the ground" around the state. EQCA has hired new organizers and is setting up new field offices in places where the vote against us was strongest. The Courage Campaign has been running "Camp Courage" to train local activists. I really hope that these two groups and others are coordinating with each other, and I endorse supporting them.

We know what to expect this time. We will build better bridges to all the communities in California. Our religious allies must be more vocal. We will fight back against the hate, the ignorance, and the fear-mongering together.

But we, the 18,000 have to lead the way. We have to meet people, to show them that our marriages are no different than anyone else's. We have to be the witness for change as Harvey Milk called us to be.

Wear the button. Put on the bumper sticker. Start the conversation. Be the change. And all of us, couples, friends, family, need to tell your story!

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks for taking such a first line position with/for us ALL, IT and BP...this is clearly important for ALL levels of LGBT allied participation and that of our loved ones and friends/supporters most of whom are not LGBT at all...we will see how much steam, and money, the LDS ¨strict¨ (Mormons) and other assorted ¨family excluders¨ are willing to put forth in the name of defending a God who needs no defense and in the name of attacking the integrity of a WHOLE people whom they don´t know...somehow the vision of a whirling dervish comes to mind for me...and meanwhile, as always, we´re not going to go away (and our twirling, in confusion, days are over).