Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TEC Wins in Colo. Springs

The Episcopal Café reports:
The Episcopal Diocese and the continuing congregation at Grace Church in Colorado Springs have prevailed in court today. The breakaway congregation associated with CANA has been ordered to leave.


David said...

Cue the std. complaints about "Oh! the poor people who the evil Episcopal Church is kicking out of their parish!" (as if the loyal Episcopalians who've had to worship elsewhere these many months are just chopped liver or something...), and "Hope you evil Episcopalians enjoy your empty church building!"

There, now that's out of the way... Did I miss any ?

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

And about Time too ;=)

Padre Mickey said...

They're already doing some incredible spinning at Viagraville.

David G. said...

On Stand Firm, the sky is falling!!

VO has the usual claptrap.

Titus one nine didn't have anything when I looked.

JCF said...

Oh who gives a fig about spin, when one contemplates that, soon, at G&St.S Episcopal alleluias will again ring out the Lord's Resurrection?! :-D

Bill B. said...

Good on 'em! I'm glad that the courts are upholding the law of the land.

dr.primrose said...

T1:9 finally posted something -- long after everyone else -- and has blocked any comments from being posted. Curious. Harmon is transforming his blog into something that seems, at least on economic issues, the voice of the Republican Party -- Obama is the economic anti-Christ but we don't have anything constructive to offer in its place. Deficits are wonderful as long as Bush does them but their just horrible if Obama does the same thing.

The young fogey said...

It sounds as if you believe in one true church and are cheering its victory. Congratulations I guess.

Well, at least we can agree that orthodoxy isn't a licence to steal.

Deficits are bad. No double standard here.

David said...

No, not "one true church." I doubt such could exist, created by fallible humans.

But, like the Roman and Orthodox churches, TEC is hierarchical and owns its assets. Everyone knows it and has always known it. And I highly doubt all the ACN/CCP clergy slept through every mention of that in seminary - even if they went to Trinity ;)

It's all about paying attention to reality and honoring promises made (like the ones they took when they were ordained). Simple as that.