Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bringing them down: with laughter

Speaking about "The Producers", when he was asked why he made jokes about Hitler, Mel Brooks commented something along the lines that ridicule is an extremely effective weapon against evil.

Fred Phelps et al went to picket the University of Chicago because Obama once taught there. TOTALLY defeated by a group of committed frat brothers. Way to go, Alpha Delta Phi.

Laughter--indeed, the best medicine.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

What a shame ;=)

(the word is "twiste" ;=)

the Rev. Stacy Alan+ said...

I was there and it was, indeed, a fabulous and, dare I say, holy stand against evil. (Plus we all got to dance to Aretha singing RESPECT!)

Cany said...

Aw yeah... the Phelp's bunch are always good for a laugh... love what the frat guys did... just plain funny!

JCF said...

Hey Stacy+, amiga: shout-out to my sister UTS alum! :-D

Looked like LOTS of fun---glad you were there!

JC Fisher, UTS MA '92

Anonymous said...

Yes, the better show will win every time. Phelps' schtick is old - everyone knows what to expect - any bunch of amateurs could come up with something more entertaining.