Thursday, February 5, 2009

March 5 - CA Supreme Court to take up gay marriage case

The San Jose Mercury reports that the CA Supreme Court will take up the gay marriage case on March 5. Maybe on March 4th there should be a "march forth" rally!
The California Supreme Court will hear the legal showdown over gay marriage on March 5, ensuring a decision on the future of same-sex nuptials across the state will arrive before summer.
In a statement released Tuesday, the high court set three hours of arguments for its calendar in San Francisco, setting the stage for the justices to consider a series of legal challenges to voter-approved Proposition 8. Civil rights groups and a number of cities and counties, led by San Francisco and Santa Clara County, sued after the November election, arguing that the ballot initiative is invalid and should be struck down.

H/T to Walking with Integrity


James said...

March yes; pray - absolutely!

Anonymous said...

I am not at all hopeful. I have read numerous legal opinions that are discouraging. Additionally, there is a problem overall with the concept of "judicial fiat".

Regardless of how it goes, there will be more litigation, more protests, and more uncertainty.


JCF said...

Hang in there, IT. (I wish I could do something more)

Word verification: "outists". I guess that's us queers, huh? ;-/