Friday, February 13, 2009

Californians: CALL TODAY

The CA legislature has two resolutions up for vote next week that oppose Prop 8: HR5 and SR7. The vote is scheduled for Tuesday and Monday is a holiday.

Please, if you are a voter in CA and support gay marriage, phone your state representative (HR5) and state senator (SR7) and strongly endorse a yes vote on these resolutions. These are not a law, but they do get the legislature on record as opposing the denial of fundamental civil rights as a matter of equal protection. The majority should not be able to deprive the minority of its rights by popular vote.

Your legislative and senate districts and their numbers are here. Email is good but telephone is much, much better..

They will log your name and zip code. Remember, elected officials must be responsive to those who elect them. Even if yours is a conservative gay rights opponent, it is very important that you get on record that he has constituents who support equality.

More here.


Update: the Pro-h8 forces are calling the judiciary committees with threatening calls. Fight back!


JCF said...

IT: I'm not in California (yet), but did you hear about this?

URGENT: Ask President Clinton to respect the Manchester Hyatt boycott

President Clinton is scheduled to give a paid speech this Sunday at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego to the annual convention of the International Franchise Association. Doing so will violate a union boycott and labor dispute -- the workers at the hotel lack job security and the housekeepers face onerous workloads.

But that's not all. President Clinton will also be offending supporters of marriage equality. Doug Manchester, the owner of the hotel, contributed $125,000 in early seed money to the Proposition 8 campaign.

We can't let this happen. President Clinton has the power to move his speech away from the Manchester Hyatt. And you have the power to convince him before it's too late. Please sign this petition to President Clinton immediately and the Courage Campaign and UNITE HERE will do everything in our power to get your signatures to him ASAP.

Sign the petition, here.

[But since it's in San Diego, perhaps you might want to protest on Sunday in-person, IT? ;-/]

IT said...

Yes, we heard about this, JCF. THe Clinton spokesperson is telling the community that no one supports the GLBTs like Bill.

To which I got one acronym:


JCF said...


[Word verification, "brokin"---like Bill's promises to LGBTs. Starting w/ another acronym: DADT]

JCF said...

[Only slightly off-topic]

I was so cheesed off today, reading through an essay in Newsweek magazine (the one w/ "Obama's Vietnam" on the cover) by Fuller Seminary President Richard Mouw, where he boo-hoos about "incivility" re PropH8.

Here's a guy (whom I've met, FWIW {*}) who forthrightly tells us he voted for H8, then goes and Plays Victim about people calling him a BIGOT! (Because you ARE, Richard)

Where he tries to draw a moral equivalence of "two sides on opposite street-corners, screaming at each other": I suppose Mouw would have stood on the German-Polish border in 1939, decrying that "BOTH sides are fighting"?!

Spare me your crocodile tears, Richard. >:-(

{*} At an ecumenical panel discussion, when I worked for the National Council of Churches (c. 1991).

IT said...

Yes, I have related previously what happened working the corners pre-election. We were told to be positive, upbeat, and polite. We were screamed at, flipped off, spit at, and cursed. I told BP I had no idea that the extended middle finger was so highly correlated with a Jesus fish on a car.

In fact, there are almost no cases of violence against prop8 supporters--and no more than have been directed at gay folks. They are claiming that they are "bashed" but it's a lie. THey are simply setting themselves up for the court case and the next election.

They attack us, and they want us to thank them.