Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's next from Join the Impact

Our friends at Join the Impact continue to try to grass-roots organize the gay rights movement. I'd like to see more structured leadership emerge, but right now this is what we've got. These are NATIONAL events, for gays and gay-friendly supporters, so click on the image and see how you can participate.
Dec 10: Day without a Gay. If you can, call in gay or gay-friendly, and instead volunteer to help your community. (Suggestions on the website). If you can't get out of work, don't buy anything. Unfortunately, I have to work.

Dec 20: Light up the Night for Equality. Quiet Candlelight Vigil, across the country at shopping centers etc. Peaceful, quiet. Wear shirts that say "2nd class citizen" or "My friend is a second class citizen".

Ongoing: National Food Drive


Erp said...

Second class citizen or second class person? Even non-citizens can marry as long as it is to someone of the opposite sex.

JCF said...

Susan Russell offers a great TWIST, on what happened at her church, re "A Day Without a Gay"

[Word Verification: "Rentshel". Sounds like another Tevye's daughters in "Fiddler on the Roof", yes? ;-D]