Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season of new life in Fort Worth

Katie Sherrod writes on her Desert's Child blog:
Things have been very busy here in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, as we work to reorganize and bring forth a healthier happier diocese.

So here are some updates:
The Steering Committee North Texas Episcopalians counts 15 intact parishes and “re-organizing parishes” as participants in the continuing Episcopal Diocese and an estimated five to six thousand Episcopalians. We fully expect this number will grow in the weeks ahead, particularly following the Special Convention on Feb. 7.

There are several events planned for the Special Convention beginning with a Friday Feb. 6 evening reception for Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. On Saturday Feb 7 we will have a morning Eucharist celebration, with the presiding bishop celebrating and preaching. There will be an afternoon Convention business meeting and a festive evensong.

The convention will be Trinity Fort Worth. The Eucharist will be at All Saints Fort Worth.

Bishop Katharine may propose a candidate to the Special Convention for it to either accept or decline as provisional bishop, to serve until a new bishop can be elected. This will probably take a year and half to two years.

Her office already is in close consultation with the Steering Committee re: potential candidates, and we anticipate a public announcement in advance of the special convention.

Correcting errors put out by the former leadership of the Diocese, she writes:
The truth is the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth continues.

- We are not forming a "new" diocese, we already are the diocese.

- We are not "adopting" a constitution and canons; we are declaring portions of the existing diocesan constitution and canons to be null and void.

- We will not be electing "founding officers." We will be filling offices left vacant by those who have left the Episcopal Church.

- We do not wish to be affiliated with the Episcopal Church; we ARE affiliated with the Episcopal Church.

- We are not 'hoping" the presiding bishop will be here, we know she will be here and that she will call the convention to order.

-The participants will be selected as canons require. Delegates to the convention will be elected at annual parish meetings held in January.

- The group is not leaving St. Albans; it is St. Albans. As is the case with several parishes in the diocese, the congregation and the rector occupying the building are no longer Episcopalians. We fully expect that we will regain that property and all the other properties now occupied by former Episcopalians for the Episcopal Church.

The announcement is also in error as to the location of the convention. It will be at Trinity Church, Fort Worth.

It will take some time for the confusion to sort itself out, but to those who are confused, here's a clue. The "real" Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is the one recognized by the Episcopal Church. That would be us, not those who left for the Southern Cone. They have done what they have wanted to do for years.

We wish them well. And we wish they would leave us and our property alone.

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Fred Schwartz said...

Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin rejoices with the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.