Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bp. Chane's Letter to the Diocese

The Rt. Rev'd. John Chane writes to the clergy and congregations of the Diocese of Washington (D.C.) on the proposed new "Anglican Province" in North America:
The news of the proposed province appears at a time when more than 28 million Americans are living on food stamps, one out of every 10 new mortgage holders is facing foreclosure, unemployment is at its highest level in decades, the auto industry is “tanking” and the real danger of deflation or a possible depression looms large on the horizon. In the global south, millions live on $1 a day, and wars, ethnic and religious violence, poverty and the AIDS epidemic continue to wrack the African continent. To learn in this context that Duncan, Minns and their allies think that the most important issue facing the church is the sexuality of the Bishop of New Hampshire suggests a level of self-absorption that is difficult to square with the teachings of Christ.

The whole thing is well worth your while. Bp. Chane is one of my personal favorites in the "tell it like it is" category.


Bill B. said...

Bp. Chane, at his consecration, promised to be a very involved, prophetic bishop. This is a good example of why it is that I have such deep respect for him, +Jon (LA), +Marc (SF), ++Katherine, to name but a few.

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