Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bishop Chane expresses disappointment over Warren pick

Episcopal Cafe is carrying a letter from The Rt. Rev. John Chane, Bishop of Washington (DC) expressing his disappointment with the choice of Rick Warren for the inaugural invocation:
I am profoundly disappointed by President-elect Barack Obama’s decision to invite Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church to offer the invocation at his inauguration. The president-elect has bestowed a great honor on a man whose recent comments suggest he is both homophobic, xenophobic, and willing to use the machinery of the state to enforce his prejudices—even going so far as to support the assassination of foreign leaders.
In his home state of California, Mr. Warren’s campaigned aggressively to deny gay and lesbian couples equal rights under the law, relying on arguments that are both morally offensive and theologically crude. Christian leaders differ passionately with one another over the morality of same-sex relationships, but only the most extreme liken the loving, lifelong partnerships of their fellow citizens to incest and pedophilia, as Mr. Warren has done. The president-elect’s willingness to associate himself with a man who espouses these views as a means of reaching out to religious conservatives suggests a willingness to use the aspirations of gay and lesbian Americans as bargaining chips, and I find this deeply troubling.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ann. Let's also point out that Mr Warren supports assassination of foreign leaders, torture, calls abortion equivalent to the holocaust, opposes women's rights, and disbelieves in evolution and opposes science.

What's not to love? NOt!

Also, I am using the example of you 'piskies over on the Kos site, where a lot of the agony is "Christians hate us!" to which I point out that Warren does NOT own Christian.


PS; the word is "gratin" which makes me hungry.

David G. said...

Oh for the days of Jerry Falwell & Anita Bryant....NOT!!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Meethinks Bishop Chane is wright on both accounts; the sloppy theology and the awful politics.

David said...

Damn but I admire Bp. Chane! Guy just rocks it like the prophet Amos ! ;)

David |Dah • veed| said...

God bless Bishop Chane!

I also love how his every breath rattles the folks at Viagraville, et al. They usually go plátanos over stuff such as this.