Monday, November 24, 2008

So Jack, is it TEC's Property or Not ?

So it turns out that in the 1990’s a parish wanted to leave the Diocese of Fort Worth. They went to something called the Antiochean Orthodox Church so you can bet it was not because they thought Fort Worth was too conservative. Anyway, the diocese (wait for it) asserted the parish property was held in trust for the diocese and the national church. And there are even affidavits from William Wantland and Jack Iker. ---William Fleener, Jr., in his blog post Fort Worth moves from Devious to Hypocrisy

[tip o' the hat to Fr. Mark Harris]


James David Walley said...

My prediction: +Iker will say its an entirely different matter when a parish wants to leave a diocese, as opposed to when a diocese wants to leave a province.

David G. said...

Mr. Jack Mehoff Iker ...what's to say?!?
His name tells the story!!