Saturday, October 18, 2008

Campaign Against 'That's so gay!'

There's a video on CNN this morning with teen singer/actress Hilary Duff as part of a celebrity ad campaign that aims to stamp out anti-gay language:

Ads target 'That's so gay!'

The ad specifically addresses the use of such slang by teenagers, and the report following it goes on to discuss the high rate of verbal and physical harassment suffered by gay/lesbian teens.

I've always thought of this young lady as a rather lightweight, though seemingly pleasant, bit of teen-aged fluff. I'm glad to see she has the depth of character to participate in something like this - so good on 'er!


Ann said...

Great campaign - we need to stand up to the violence - words and deeds. I put this in another comment but here is Halloween display that is in the same vein.

David |Dah • veed| said...

Here is a direct link to the video.

(If you have a Mac; triple click the link, right click and then choose one of the Go To options.)

Ann said...

Another video. That's so strait!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yep, saying no to more blind, demeaning and silly remarks that hurt others is appropriate...think of the ¨words¨ used to slander various ¨backgrounds¨´s all the same junktalk...go to GayUganda and see what Orombi and other religious folks have to say about LGBT Christians/others...boggles the mind with superstitous claptrap that kills.