Monday, September 29, 2008

Prop8 attack ads begin

From No on Prop8 campaign:
This morning, the proponents of Prop 8 turned to their only real weapon when they began their ad campaign to eliminate marriage for same-sex couples -- fear and lies.

Their ad claims that the California Supreme Court "mandated" the right to marry for same-sex couples and, as a result, school children will be taught about same-sex marriage unless Prop 8 passes.

Of course it's a blatant lie.

What the Court did was uphold the Constitution's promise of equality.

And the proponents know that their claim that the law requires that children be taught about same-sex marriage in school is also a lie, just like the other false claims in their misleading ad.
Like everything else in this election season, the ad is ugly and full of lies. Meanwhile, the NY TImes Op Ed:
It is our fervent hope that Californians will reject this mean-spirited attempt to embed second-class treatment of one group of citizens in the State Constitution.

Several of us have now seen ads. The one I saw was full of lies, and what particularly struck me was that they said "Churches opposed to gay marriage will lose their tax exemptions!"

Is that their biggest worry?

In any case, that is a lie (and they know it); churches are free to denounce gays and deny marriages wherever they like regardless. The Roman Catholics have never been forced to marry divorced couples although divorce is CIVILLY legal. Unlike Canada, we have no restrictions on religious speech about issues (as opposed to candidates, as dear Dr Primrose has explained to us).

The problem they have is that since June, gays have been marrying all over California, and demonstrably this has had no negative effect on anything. Indeed, the sun came up this morning AGAIN! QED.


James said...

I saw the first pro ban commercial this evening. I was shocked at how unaccurate their statements were.

I have to wonder abotju those people -- the country is going to hell financially, and their main concern is keeping [gay people] from having equal rights.

Of course, their argument is strengthened by the economic crisis -- God is punishing the US for its collective support of gay rights. I heard that from someone who came knocking at the door yesterday.

Anonymous said...

James, I too saw my first "anti" ad tonight and it was full of lies and hatred. (It was on the 10pm local news, not out there on remote cable)

"churches will lose their tax exemptions!" This is a total lie,but regardless...this is their biggest concern?

Please please please help our side counter the hate!


Fred Schwartz said...

I also saw their ad tonight. It was an abusive lie. We all need to work to end this travesty once and for all.

John D said...

I never thought I'd thank G-d for living in Georgia.

I'm praying for you, but I'm afraid my money has to go to Obama and a few progressive Democrats across this country.

F 'em, and more power to you to keep California a beacon of hope for the rest of us.