Friday, July 11, 2008

Well...It seems Episcopalian Women aren't the Only Uppity Ones

Hat tip to Dennis on this one!

Hindu priest shortage spurs women to take up profession from the
Fewer men choosing religious service

This interesting article talks about how women are filling in vacancies as priests, as fewer educated men are pursuing the priesthood. One of the women priest notes that if a man is educated, he doesn't view the priesthood as prestigious as some secular occupations, resulting in fewer men pursing the path.

While there is nothing in the Hindu scriptures which prevents women from being priests, and like Christianity, there is suggestion that women performed priestly duties and were involved in philosophical discussions, etc., according the very early texts, such as the Veda. Despite this, women priest in American and India do face some scorn from conservatives who don't feel women should be priests.

So...apparently...Christianity isn't the only religion losing male leaders to the secular world. Nor the only religion whining about that fact, instead of being grateful there are people there to help perpetuate the religion.

Interesting article! Thanks Dennis!

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, your link to the article doesn't appear to be working. :(

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