Monday, July 14, 2008

A Very English Coup

From the British magazine The Spectator:
On the eve of the General Synod and the Lambeth Conference, Theo Hobson says that the sleeping giant of evangelical and orthodox Anglicanism has been awoken by liberal agitation and Rowan Williams’s failed leadership. The church is damaged beyond repair.

Read the rest of Hobson's article in A very English coup — and the end of our national church.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

You know, all +++Rowan need/needed to do was say to to exclusion, false witness, fear/hate-mongering, Grandstanding, Opportunism and GOBS of Greediness and SELFADULATION at The Anglican Communion...not a large order when one is the "first amongst equals" at the Anglican Communion.

The behavior of Peter Akinola and Henri Orombi is pathetic and even dangerous to fellow Anglican/Christians and others everywhere...surely, the ABC can figure out the difference between right and wrong without trying to get all cranked up to be properly British about it!

Can he do it? Can he stop trying to PRETEND that "things" are different than they really are...afterall, one can't keep trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear (so to speak).

Leonardo Ricardo said...

all he needed to do, and all he still needs to do is say NO (sorry, I skipped the NO part)!

Grandmère Mimi said...

I thought I joined the Episcopal Church. That's what the sign outside says. One reason I joined was that I was tired of the tight control exercised by the pope of the Roman Catholic Church around. I'm not looking for that again.

Grandmère Mimi said...

That would be "around the world".

IT said...

Leonardo! Glad to see you (IT is traveling in a ery remote place right now)

Hugs, brother

IT said...

Of course I'km glad to see you too, Mimi, but you had found us before I went away and Leonardo hadnt

I really am very remote, we are lucky to find a motel with internet, cell phones aren''t working.

Hiked at 10,000 ft today and I am too old for this!


JCF said...

Hiked at 10,000 ft today and I am too old for this!


I was only around 7000 feet (near Donner Pass) a few weeks ago, but boy, was it GREAT to be back in my beloved mountains (Sierra Nevada, in this case---is that where you are, too, IT?)

Much as I love Michigan, there's just nuthin' like Real Mountains... [Heh: I felt so inspired, I FINALLY sewed my "I Climbed Mt. Whitney" patch onto my backpack . . . and I climbed Mt. Whitney (14, 496 ft.) almost 20 years ago! :-0]

Fred Schwartz said...


That being said, "Those who fail to plan plan to fail."

I am hoping that some place there is indeed a defence about to unfold.

David G. said...

Much as I love Michigan, there's just nuthin' like Real Mountains...

You could always travel way up to da U.P. eh, Copper Harbor way and it's pretty high up there considering Kansas.

And the scenery ain't bad either!

Anglocat said...

First, let me say: congrats on keeping alive the spirit of open, discursive, discussion that made Jake's Place a real community. It's a delight to read all of your posts and the wide-ranging comments. It feels like home.

Second, I think that the problem with Abp. Williams is that he has a split consciousness on the current state of affairs: on the one-hand, he prefers to see our GLBT brothers and sisters treated with respect, but, on the other, he welcomes the "reasserter" effort to create a more curial ecclesial structure.

This latter trait is evinced by his seizing upon the crisis at hand to try to impose a Covenant that would end the Anglican tradition of fellow-travelling and create, for the first time, a central, prelate led (nice try at a more democratic polity, Americans, but bishops rule!)Worldwide Anglican Church.

And if that means selling out the GLBT brothers and sisters--for now, I'm sure he sees it as an acceptable sacrifice, one made only "for the duration."

Just ask Jeffrey Johns.

Grandmère Mimi said...

And how long is the duration? Is it ever right to sacrifice the few for the many? I don't understand Rowan at all.

Anglocat said...

Grandmere Mimi,

(Sorry, can't do the accent mark)

I entirely agree with you, and my point was that this attitude on Abp. Williams' part (if I read him aright) is a tremendous flaw, leading him to accept injustice in the name of what he (but not I) perceives to be a Greater Good.

Sorry if I was unclear.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Anglocat, my questions were rhetorical and sarcastic, but not against you, against the ABC. Sorry if I was not clear.

Don't worry about the accent. You can call me Mimi. It's shorter.

IT said...

Bristlecone Pines, JCF, in the White Mountains. Oldest single living creatures. The oldest is reckoned at about 4700 years of age. Think about it: that tree was already 2700 years old when Christ (may have ;-) walked the earth!

Lots of great views of all the 14ers in the Sierra from the back side, where we were. I'm probably too old for Whitney now....